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Saturday, November 17, 2012

All I wanted was a smile

Is it getting harder and harder to get a sensible photo of my teens lately so a goose y photo is better than nothing I suppose and this is exactly what this child is up to. this is the sketch I am working with
and this is the link http://creativescrappers and this is what I did with what I had
love all the clear space on this layout and the inking that I did. Been a busy week at work Hannah had a cold and was a real pain trying to get every day off school and Jess has her big exams at the moment she sat English and physics this week and has three more exams to go, so pleased I don't have to go through this again. We had our staff Christmas party yesterday I know it is too early for Christmas but it has definitely got me in the spirit. we painted ceramics and I achieved another goal where each year I make a Christmas decoration for the house and these will become treasured and a family heirloom and so yesterday I painted a Christmas decoration for this years craft will post a picture when it comes back from firing. Then we all went out for lunch which was really nice normally when I go out I stick with the safe option on the menu and normally order the chicken or the fish and yesterday I thought no I am not going to do that today and I ordered an alpaca burger much to the disgust of the others around the table. I can now say I have tasted alpaca which actually taste just like mince beef although someone did ask how do you know it wasn't.  

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