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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lots of daffodils

loving this layout linking to my favourite website http://www.letsgetsketchy. this is their sketch
and this is what I have decided to do with it 
finally got to use my tree die cut anyway that's enough for this weekend will catch up next week thanks for looking Kirsty 

sassy you

not much to say about this layout. This is the website that I am linking to http://creativescrappers. this is the sketch and this is what I have decided to do with it
love the purple,e and black combination. Have been busy this weekend with a little surprise that I will show you next week although I may be able to sneak into my space later and complete another layout we will see how the day goes. thanks for looking Kirsty 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

It dont mean a thing if you dont have the swing

Last layout for the week. Got four layouts done this week which is quite an accomplishments . I think the colour combination is quite nice and will use again. this is my favourite website that I am linking with http://www.letsgetsketchy and this is the sketch that they posted this week

 I really enjoy working with this websites sketches and they are always one of the first sites that I hunt down each week so thanks to the co ordinator and the design team you are amazing.

wish upon a star

one of my favourite day care children who I have missed dearly. She came to visit during the holidays and I got the camera out and took some happy memories. This is the website that I am linking to http://creativescrappers and this is the sketch that they posted this week 
my final product did not look like what I thought it would look like at the start but it is another layout that tells a story. 
Thanks for looking Kirsty 

penguins is the sand

love the colour combination of this challenge and knew the photos that I had to use as soon as I spotted the challenge. This is the website that I am linking to http://scrapfit I am loving all the choice that I now have after doing some blog hopping over the holidays. Back at work this week and it definitely doesn't feel like I have had three weeks off. I wonder what this year will bring. These penguins are a new feature at our local aquarium which we visited over the holidays they are super cute and I did take a few photos. This is my layout
 thanks for looking hope you enjoy. Kirsty

I will wait

Loving the mono colour of this layout. This challenge had the old grey matter working as to what I would scrap but I am pretty pleased with what I have done. http://scrapitwithasong is the website that I am lnking to and this is the picture that I came up with
thanks for looking and all the wonderful comments. have a nice week Kirsty. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

race day

very simple layout this time round but I don't think the sketch and the photo needed lots of detail. this is the website that I am linking to http://myscrapsandmoresketches and this is the sketch that I am talking about
is that just spectacular. This is what I have decided to do with the sketch and the inspiration
see told you it was pretty plain but I am pretty pleased with what I have done. Off to the beach tomorrow as it is the last day of my holidays and I am attempting to beat the heat. Thanks for looking Kirsty  

rumour has it

http://scrapitwithasong is another new website that I have stumbled across and intend to revisit. the song that we were using as inspiration is Adele s' rumour has it . did you know I have heard that song numerous times and never really listened to the words and that is what this challenge made me do although The song kept repeating itself in my head well into the wee small hours. This is what I have done with this song
cant really tell what the black strips say from this image but I have written "Just cause I said it don't mean I meant it " that phase fits that particular child really well. Hope to become a follower of this website just need to find at least two more hours of sleep a day. Kirsty 


while I have been searching for scrapping challenges there are some that I should have been doing for the longest time and one of those is http://scrap-the-girls with so few boy photos to scrap then I think that this may be a site that I will visit more often this months challenge is to use 



Flowers AND A 
Number Title – e.g. age, date, number of something e.g. items
I found this a cool challenge and love the colour combination. This is what I have done with this scrap recipe 

back to work on Monday have enjoyed the challenge to do at least one layout a day was able to achieve this with the exception of Christmas day so am very proud of myself. thanks for looking Kirsty 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas tradition

loving this layout I am linking it to http://stucksketches
this is what I did with it
funny story showed my daughter this layout and her reply was so do I have to do this every year. that is the point of a tradition. Hope you are all coping with the heat if you live on my edge of the hemisphere . Have a great week and thanks for looking  kirsty

girl shopping

not coping very well with the heat lately water is my new best friend but haven't achieved much in the three weeks that I have been on holiday. Anyway my craft room is a cool area which is good for this time of the year. Today I am sharing this layout
this is probably more busy than my normal layouts and I did struggle with the ovals but I think that I used them in a creative way. this is the website that I am linking to  http://www.letsgetsketchy

Monday, January 7, 2013

Teen with attitude

This is a website http://creativescrappers this is the sketch
and this is what I have decided to do with it 
when I first saw this layout it scared me and I did think that I would pass on this challenge but then it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy would it. in the end I am pretty pleased with the final product so thanks to the design team for inspiring and challenging me. 


this is a layout for http://www.myscrapsandmoresketches and this is the sketch that they use

I am pretty impressed with my final product I think the colour combination makes this quite an elegant layout. Here is what I did 
thanks for looking. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

shoot for the stars

Don't know whether I like this layout or not it was not what I had pictured in my mind. I am experimenting with inks and sprays and this one just didn't work the way I wanted it to but then we all have to start somewhere don't we this is for the challenge at http://scrapfit. and the challenge was to use stars. Let me know what you think and also some helpful advice on sprays and mists would be appreciated thanks Kirsty 

trouble in paradise

love the colour combination over at http://sketchwithcolor and had the perfect old photo sitting in my stash. Am pretty pleased with the final results and might use this colour combination on other layouts just beautiful. are you sick and me and all my posting yet I am enjoying the challenge and discovering new challenge websites like this one that I just don't get enough time during the week wouldn't it be nice to be on continual holiday?

turn your cants into cans

the recipe challenge at http://challengemehappy was to use a quote and birds and stamping and an arrow as well as brads. I love this quote and knew exactly how I was going to use it in this wonderful layout
anyway one more week of holidays left am still not ready to go back to work although family is driving me crazy at least I have my creative space to chill.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

only at nan and pops

I am loving the multiple photos that this site uses in their sketches it is a help to get through my stash http://sketchabilities is the site that I have used. this is the amazing sketch that challenged me
 and this is what I have decided to do  it.

imperfect photo

The challenge over at http://www.letsgetsketchy is to use an imperfect photo. My initial thought was I'm only allowed to choose one but there are so many. After a while I decided on a colour scheme and an ideal photo . am liking the black purple and the green and I also got to use some spray on the outer edges which I am just experimenting with at the moment. here is what I have done.
half way through my holidays and am enjoying the process of scrapping every day long may it last. thanks for looking Kirsty