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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I've been framed

Did some more inking today then had to go out and spend some money on some more ink. this is the website that I am linking to http://creativescrappers. here is the sketch that I am working with
 this is a very cool sketch and one that I am sure we will be seeing more of. This is what I have done with this sketch

hope every one has a safe and happy new year and makes lots of positive resolutions that last longer than mine normally do.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

let sleeping babies lie

decided to try a bit of misting with this layout and was so pleased with the results that I got a bit carried away this may become my new favourite technic. this is the website that I stumbled across that I am linking to http://myscrapsandmoresketches  and this is the sketch that I am following
and this is the design that I came up with
hope everybody is having a safe and happy festive season. Thanks for looking Kirsty 

birthday photo

every year I take a photo of Hannah on or around her birthday and these photos were left over from june so they fit the sketch well. I Am keeping to my goal of scrapping a page a day and have scrapped close to twenty photos in a week (go me) This is the website that I am linking to http://scrapfit.blogspot. have heard of this website but never enough hours in the day to take part, so this is another plus for scrapping lots exploring new website. This is the great sketch that I was using
and this is what I have done with it
hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and have a safe and happy new year. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A hand in who I have become

the challenge with this layout was not the sketch as I do sketches all the time and it wasn't the colour combination which was a bit of a restriction but the biggest challenge was finding male photos. I have 100 photos in my too be scrapped tin and three of those a male photos whats going on here. So thanks to this website for making me aware of this http://sketchwithcolor ... doing well with my challenge to scrap every day of the holidays but need some suggestions for some good sketch challenges. Anyway here is what I created
thanks for looking and the wonderful inspiration hopefullly I will have time to pay a visit to this site again kirsty

teletubby land

these windmills always remind me of a prgramme the children used to watch as kids called the teletubbys and so that is why I have named the layout that way. A little out of my comfort zone here with making my own pinwheel embalishments but we cant always spend life sitting on our comfort fence and sometimes we have to take that extra step or else how do we learn. Here is the link to the website http://sketchabilities and this is what I have decided to do with it.
thanks for looking and providing us with a cool sketch

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

au natural

not very good photos but it is a memory and it needed to be scrapped so here it is. The website that I am linking to is http://creativescrappers and the sketch that I am following looks like
and this is what I have produced
enjoying my three week break especially time to be creative and I must have taken over two hundred photos in the last three days and once I get through my stash then I can do a big print out. Hope everybody has had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a safe and happy new year. 

bluff hill

the minute I saw this sketch I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use this is the website that has  provided my inspiration http://www.letsgetsketchy this is the sketch that I followed
and this is what I have decide to do with it
loving the colour combination and the squares and am pretty proud of the buttons on this layout as they don't feature much on any of my work. Thanks for looking Kirsty.  

upon reflection

it feels funny posting in the middle of the week but like I planned I have been doing a page a day since I was on holiday and so far I have only missed christmas day and my photo total is 12 so I am not doing to bad. this is a layout for http://mycreativesketches this is a website that I don't use that often bacause I normally stick to familiar ones but this one does look cool. if people could give me links to sketch related challenges then this will make my goal easier. this is the sketch
and this is what I have done with it
those that know me and follow my blog know that I stuggle with the colour yellow and also that I hardly ever am on this side of the camera so these were a challenge for me and I am pretty pleased with what I created. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

the future belongs to you

this is the website (my favourite) http://www.letsgetsketchy 
this is the sketch 
and this is what I have done with it 

merry christmas

last years Christmas photos seemed to fit well with the sketch at http://creativescrappers
am really pleased with the finished product the quality of the photos was not very good too much clutter in the background but once I shaped the photos and removed some of the background it all good. man Christmas can be a stressful time of the year and I am finding that finding space for me and scrapping is a great release  hope everybody is coping well with the silly season and before I go I should really show you the layout that I did

big things come in little packages

the challenge at http://challengemehappy is a word challenge and the word is little. finally got to scrap a very old picture that was in my box of the girls as babies and this is what it looks like
am hoping to do a layout a day over the next three weeks so be prepared and this will make a dent in my stash. anyway two days to go till Santa comes down the chimney I hope everyone is having a stress free Christmas.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hannah at thirteen

Love this layout for this website http://creativescrappers only one more week to go then a three week holiday and boy do I need a holiday so over this year at least I have my scrapping to take me to a different head space. Here is what I have created this week
 thanks for looking have a great week. 

its summertime

Hi there the challenge this week at http://southerngirlschallenge. is to use summer inspiration. the photo that I used was not of the best quality but I am pretty pleased with the final outcome this is what I have done
this makes me really feel like summer. thanks for looking and the great comments really appreciate it. 

too much bubble

Having some beautiful weather here at the moment and the countdown till Christmas is on. Did most of the Christmas shopping today and this week we took the children to sing to the elderly. We have only been practicing our Christmas songs since the beginning of October so only one more week of jingle bells thanks goodness. this week I have done this sketch from http://www.letsgetsketchy it is actually a photo of my dad and if you haven't notice yet I don't often scrap boy pictures or male layouts and I didn't know weather to put  flowers on the layout or not this seems to be a discussions that others have blogged about some can and others don't what do you guys think. here is the sketch
and this is what I did with it 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

jess and emma

 isn't this sketch enough to take your breath away I hope that I did it justice this week. love the flourishes and the flowers and again the opportunity for the use of two photos making a dent in my photo box. this is a link to the website http://creativescrappers and this is what I did with the sketch
have a problem finding a title that I haven't used before for this layout. Do you guys ever have this problem is there a site where you could get a starting point . Any way will catch you guys again  next weekend thanks for looking. 

Waihi falls

There are some beautiful waterfalls (and nature) around New Zealand and this is one of them. I went to these falls on a bus tour they were amazing but all I can remember is the cold drizzly weather. Must go back one day when the weather is more favorable. http://www.letsgetsketchy  is the website that I am linking to with this layout did a layout last week but got a bit confused with the closing being the end of the month so missed the link. Anyway only two more weeks of work to go till holidays and then be prepared to be inundated with layouts and creations I am so looking forward to it.
enjoyed do this layout got to use some new stash (the laminated leaves) and also another multi photo layout all good have a great week people will update next week. 

strike a pose

this was a scrap lift for this website http://challengemehappy  this is what I had too work with.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

butter wouldn't melt

always the first web site that I complete a layout for each weekend here's what I had to work with

you will find this sketch on this website http://www.letsgetsketchy. and this is what I created
wow three layouts this weekend. looking forward to a break over the Christmas holidays only three weeks to go then three weeks off. Put up the Christmas tree this weekend and it is beginning to look a bit like Christmas and this is a wonderful time of year in my opinion.  

would you leave your kids?

Once I saw the drippy banner coming from this sketch I immediately thought of scary halloween photos and I knew exactly which photo I was going to use. This sketch didn't take long to come together especially when I had been planning it in my head for the last week and I think that it work better then I thought it would. Thanks for the challenge, thanks for looking and thanks for the lovely comments. http://creativescrappers 

mother and child

Another old photo ticked off this was a pink and brown challenge from http://southerngirlschallenge. I don't use this colour combination much and I am pretty impressed with the finished product so it is probably something that I am going to use again. Here is what I came up with
once I saw the challenge I knew that I just had to use the brown pattern paper somewhere and I sort of built my layout around that. Do you ever have those moments when you have something in your mind and nothing will change it? Anyway off to link my other creations thanks for looking have a great week.