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Saturday, November 24, 2012

next minute

this is the web site http://creativescrappers
this is the sketch
another very cool sketch to work with this week love the multi photo challenges . Not a lot happening here so I am off to enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for looking Kirsty 
and this is what I did with it

good friends

this is the webby http://www.letsgetsketchy
this is the sketch 
 just loved this sketch and the layout seemed to come together quite  easy. Nothing really interesting happening this week to blog about. Will reblog next week thanks for looking Kirsty 
and this is my creation

Saturday, November 17, 2012

All I wanted was a smile

Is it getting harder and harder to get a sensible photo of my teens lately so a goose y photo is better than nothing I suppose and this is exactly what this child is up to. this is the sketch I am working with
and this is the link http://creativescrappers and this is what I did with what I had
love all the clear space on this layout and the inking that I did. Been a busy week at work Hannah had a cold and was a real pain trying to get every day off school and Jess has her big exams at the moment she sat English and physics this week and has three more exams to go, so pleased I don't have to go through this again. We had our staff Christmas party yesterday I know it is too early for Christmas but it has definitely got me in the spirit. we painted ceramics and I achieved another goal where each year I make a Christmas decoration for the house and these will become treasured and a family heirloom and so yesterday I painted a Christmas decoration for this years craft will post a picture when it comes back from firing. Then we all went out for lunch which was really nice normally when I go out I stick with the safe option on the menu and normally order the chicken or the fish and yesterday I thought no I am not going to do that today and I ordered an alpaca burger much to the disgust of the others around the table. I can now say I have tasted alpaca which actually taste just like mince beef although someone did ask how do you know it wasn't.  

nan and pop and sophia

Wow finally got this photo scrapped, I mean the baby in the photo turns 4 on Tuesday so the photo has been hanging around for a while. Here is the sketch.
Pretty isn't it and this is the website that I am linking to http://www.letsgetsketchy. I have been so lucky with this website lately apart from it being my favorite and the one I always check first I won Octobers prize which hasn't arrived yet so I will have to let you know what I got when I get it. And then this morning I found out I won the fall blog hop and will receive a prima prize pack (I cant wait). there was so much inspiration from the other designers and even though in my part of the world we are heading in to summer it was quite easy to get into the fall spirit, mind you the weather we have been having lately help as well. this is the layout that I am posting this week
thanks for looking at my blog and I will blog again next week kirsty. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

fall of fun

Love the colour combination for this challenge. Even through we are on the other side of the world and are at the tail end of spring this was no excuse not to partake in the fall blog hop over at http://www.letsgetsketchy this is the colour combination and this is what I did with the challenge
thanks for looking. will update soon Kirsty 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

couching tigers

love the chevron pattern that seems to be tend this year. Therefore when this sketch came up
over at this website http://creativescrappers I just had to join in and so thats what I did. I initially thought that this would be an easy sketch to do there are not a lot of elements involved and lots of white space easy right. No I had about three attempts at this layout trying to match up all the chevron to exactly where I wanted them in the end I had to be happy to leave it as it or else I would just mess it up even more but I do like the final product so that's what I will stick with. Thanks for looking and will catch up with the website next week.
Ps nearly forgot the most important bit here is my layout

run cat run

This is the sketch on this website this week http://www.letsgetsketchy and this is what I have decided to do with it this week
am quite pleased with this layout. Just a short post this week as I want to do a layout for the websites blog hop. Also I won october's prize for the month so yet again this is my favorite website catch you next week Kirsty 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

playful you

this week on the http://challengemehappy website there was a colour challenge. I have only done one or two of these before and was pretty lost without my sketch to work from but I am pretty happy with what I finally produced this is the colour palette
and this is the layout that I managed to put together using these colours. I enjoyed this colour challenge once i got my head around the design of the layout and the items in my stash that I was going to use. thanks for looking Kirsty 

amazing you

And now for my favourite website it wouldn't be a proper weekend without a link to http://www.letsgetsketchy. this week was a bit different and you had to choose 1 of ten layouts and scraplift it. those that know me well will understand that I dont do well with too many choices and so I just had to use the very first one no offence to the other layouts as they were all amazing as usual I just could not decide. here is the layout 
this is an original and a lift one of the designers has done. and here is my lift of the lift
my new technique this weekend was to make my own sun burst to mirror the image on the paper. I wasn't 100% pleased with the final outcome but it is basically what I had in mind . Thanks for looking have a great week kirsty  

convicted criminal

This is from a sketch from this website http://creativescrappers I was too late for the dead line so therefore I wont be entering it but it is another layout and it tells another story so it is all good. This week I have done another three layouts and am making a small dent in my stash of photos which is my goal. this is the sketch that I was working with and this is what I decided to do with it
anyway on with the rest of the week. thanks for looking catch you again. Kirsty